Do You Know Christ?

Do you “know” Christ or do you know “about” Christ? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question? Of course there is a vast different between knowing “about” someone and “knowing” that person intimately. Life teaches us that the only way to really know someone is to spend quality time with that person.  We must invest in the relationship if we are to grow closer to someone. There are no short cuts here. We can’t talk to a friend once in a while, or send them a couple text messages a week , or look at their posts on social media, and expect to grow a deep and intimate relationship with them. Real love can only come from cultivating real intimacy.

Now the real question I want to ask you is:

Have you ever had a real and personal encounter with Christ? If you have, I am sure that it changed your life forever. Encountering His Love has certainly changed my life. Today I can say with conviction, that there is no way a person can truly encounter the Love of Christ and remain the same. It is impossible!

I am not talking about walking down an isle of a church in response to a pastor’s invitation for you to give your life to Christ. I have met many people who have done that, and who have continued to attend church for many years, but have never gotten to truly experience the love of Christ in a personal and intimate way.  I am also not talking about listening to sermons or going to church once or twice a week. I am talking about you and Jesus alone… together…heart to heart…close and personal, on a regular basis. I am talking about an encounter where your heart is truly open and sincerely  wanting to “know Him” personally. Are you ready to be transformed? Jesus in knocking at you door. Will you invite Him in?

Click here  to see a see wonderful short video introducing you to your true best friend forever.