Continuing my previous post…

The next morning when we arrived at the restaurant I saw the sweet waitress running to greet us with a big smile on her face. She could not wait to let me know that her wrist had been completely healed! She was laughing almost in disbelief as she moved her hand freely in the air. She proceeded to tell me that her pain was totally gone and that she no longer needed to wear he brace! Yay Jesus!!! She now could hold the heavy trays without any pain! Oh I was so happy for her! I told her to please remember that Jesus was the one who had healed her and  I reminded her that He loved her with an everlasting love. I encouraged her to find a good Christian church back home and I hope and pray that she found one and began a real walk with Jesus. 

You may say that there has been countless times when Christians of great faith prayed for their loved ones and they died or never got released from their disability of affliction. It is true. This is a great mystery. Most likely, we will not understand the reasons behind why some people get healed and others do not until we get to Heaven.  However, please, do not let this fact stop you from believing in God’s ability to heal people now.  Always remember that God is Sovereign and only He knows the bigger picture and the reason why suffering still exists in our lives. Trust Him with all your heart and allow Him to use you to pray for others. God wants to set them free! Our job is simply to pray and trust God to do the rest. Just remember that if and when they heal, all Glory belongs to God. And if they don’t heal…make sure you do not blame God for it. He created us and He truly knows what is best for all us all in the long run! Keep praying and keep believing!


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